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Braderie du Livre

Dans le cadre de la Semaine de la Lecture Nationale sous le thème « Un Pays qui lit, un pays qui vit », crée  par le ministère de la Culture, la Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture – Zouk Mikaël (Municipalité de Zouk Mikaël) a organisé pour une année consécutive la Braderie du Livre du 20 au 23 avril 2016.

Plusieurs ONGs  et groupes Scouts ont participés, et plusieurs activités sont faites pour les petits et les grands.

A l’année prochaine !13012788_1063227877057051_9045150058846184877_n

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Ciné Club Memento with Mr. Alan Holst -US embassy



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Storytelling with Lidia Avakian-US embassy


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Visit of HE Ambassador of India Mrs. ANITA NAYAR

Youth and Culture Center invited HE Ambassador of India Mrs. ANITA NAYAR to visit our center. A meeting was held with the Mayor Mr. Nouhad Naufal and gifts were exchanged.
Then, a meeting was held with the director of YCC Mrs. Roula Sawan to finalize our event dedicated to India’s traditions. After that a lot of interesting books were dedicated to our public library.

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Visite de son Excellence M. l’Ambassadeur de France

Son Excellence M. l’Ambassadeur de France au Liban Emmanuel Bonne rencontre Mr Nouhad Naufal, maire de Zouk Mikael et toute l’équipe de la Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Zouk Mikael, a l’initiative de sa directrice Mme Roula Eid Sawan.


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Fête des Mères 2016 à la MJC


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« La Flûte Enchantée » de Mozart-Opera miniature

‪#‎francophonie_liban2016‬ Une salle comble et conquise pour débuter le mois de la francophonie avec la Flûte enchantée – opéra miniature, d’Edouard Signolet et sa compagnie le Samedi 5 Mars 2016 au theatre de la MJC

” أقام بيت الشباب والثقافة بالتعاون مع نادي احياء الرياضة  مباراة طاولة-محبوسة وفرنجية- وقد فاز ” اميل بستاني و اندريه عشقوتي

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سهرة تراثية في بيت الشباب والثقافة

ضمن سلسلة برامج “شهر شباط اللبناني” نظم “بيت الشباب والثقافة – زوق مكايل” سهرة تراثية بعنوان: “لبنان.. آلة وموسيقى مع سندباد التراث اللبناني إلى العالم الفنان ناصر مخول مساء الجمعة 12 شباط في المكتبة العامة
في السهرة عرض 27 آلة تراثية موسيقية صنعها من شجر مناطق لبنانية مختلفة،
جال عليها مخول مع الحاضرين,و اْنتقى من المجموعة أجمل 12 آلة وقَدمها شِعراً وعَزفاً، حملنا معها إلى عراقة تراثنافي الغنيّ
.DSC_1064 الختام قدمت عبيدة أبو ملهب باقة من الأغاني التراثية وفيروزيات واستهل من بعدها نخب المناسبة 



Zouk Mikael, January, 2016 – Since January, 13 the collaboration between the Embassy of Brazil and the Municipality of Zouk Mikael, both through their Cultural Centers became concrete. Portuguese classes for beginners are now given at Youth and Culture Cultural Center, in Zouk Mikael, every Wednesdays, from 5pm till 8pm.  To inaugurate this collaboration, a very nice Samba night was held at the Center’s premises and broadcast my Future TV. The local community was introduced to the new activities offered by the Center and had a chance to get in touch with the warmth Brazilian culture, throughout its dance performance, food and drinks.


During two Mondays of January, 2 blockbusters Brazilian movies were screened at the Center’s Cineclub. They were: “The 2 sons of Francisco” and “Central Station”. The projection was followed by a debate and comments among the stories.


As a closure of the month of Brazil, a story telling was held at the Center to kids between 3 and 6 years old. Teacher Natalie Nassif told the story in French, “Lucia- I am- Going”, by the Brazilian writer Maria Heloisa Penteado.

Portuguese classes will continue during the year.

For more info: 09-213217

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