Blanche Eid: Middle Child Afterthought

Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture is pleased to present Middle Child Afterthought, a solo show of Lebanese emerging photographer Blanche Eid. The exhibition marks the photographer’s experience as a middle child and invites viewers to question the feeling of self-identification aside from the narrow social context within the family roles. Middle Child Afterthought is inspired by the artist’s personal experience and the 20 other middle children she interviewed.  Her survey revealed that middle children are always caught in the middle, always thought to be in comfort zones, yet they are the most independent in the family. The project consists on a series of staged photographs of the photographer herself posing alone, on a white background, with few elements to add the dimension of space. The photographs are a newer version of Eid’s old family pictures. Her presence was unveiled alone in a recreation of the occasions that certainly back in the days did not shed the lights on her existence. Identifying herself with something other than her role in the family is a search for an independent self, and what she reproduced was not the outcome but rather the thought itself. For Eid, one’s identity would be a muddle if nature or nurture weren’t merged. The viewer is invited to experience the feeling of being lost, left alone and in search for clues to ease the anxiety of having very few signs to settle among. 11065923_10153465314412498_1776764321786455526_n About the photographer Blanche Eid is a Lebanese photographer who acquired a BA in Photography at Notre Dame University-Zouk Mosbeh. She has participated in several group shows one of which was at the Italian Embassy – Baabda in 2014.