Loudspeakers Club: a Success Story in Personal Development!

Loudspeakers Club: a Success Story in Personal Development!

“Just when you think you have got it all perfect, something comes along to put you back in perspective”.

Out of curiosity, and based on a friend’s recommendation, I attended, a couple of months ago, a Toastmasters club meeting in Zouk Mikael. A group of highly enthusiastic individuals keen to develop themselves and their colleagues in a very friendly environment, their learn-by-doing approach, all made me sign up immediately. From day one, I got to deliver speeches and take part in the action.  I started making mistakes that were directly corrected and on a peer-to-peer basis with no pressure exerted. Haitham, a Toastmasters member who works as a sales manager enthusiastically told me: “I have gained many friends through Toastmasters and achieved a significant improvement in my ability to speak in public. I have recommended this club to a dozen other friends so far.”

Toastmasters Lebanon is a non-political and non-profit organization which main mission is to provide individuals with a mutually supportive and positive learning environment, enabling them to develop verbal communication and leadership skills, all in a hands-on world proven approach. With a four-club strong base hosted respectively by the American University of Beirut, Zouk Mikael’s Youth and Culture Center and Bank Audi, Toastmasters Lebanon has been able to impact the career and personal lives of hundreds of Lebanese and expatriate members and guests.

Loudspeakers club is a local branch of Toastmasters International that meets every Wednesday at 8 PM at the Youth and Culture Center, Zouk Mikael. The club has around 25 members and hosts a multitude of guests. Meetings are fast paced, professional and entertaining. They provide members and guests with opportunities to enhance their leadership & communication skills and to think on their feet. Loudspeakers members are known for their enthusiasm and ambition. They come from various backgrounds (arts, business, engineering, health care, etc.) and age groups, bringing a wealth of experiences and stories to the floor.

Adults aged 18 and above, can join meetings free of charge to experience the club culture and to assess the program and meetings. When they decide to join, they can start the Toastmasters educational track, which allows them to obtain renowned certificates in leadership and communication for a very small fee. If interested to know more about Toastmasters International and meetings held in Zouk Mikael, don’t hesitate to join our meetings as a guest. Such a visit has changed the lives of many!

Jana Jabbour Toastmasters Lebanon


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